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How to Renew Your USCG MMC in Under 3 Minutes

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Free 14 day Trial | $299 if you file with us

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What our customers are saying

“MM-SEAS simplified the USCG licensing process infinitely versus trying to independently navigate the labyrinth that is the USCG pages.”

Captain Stone, August 2021

MM-SEAS reminds you when your MMC, Medical, TWIC and Passport expirations are coming up so you can easily renew in time and always be able to work

MM-SEAS keeps your maritime documents safe so you don’t have to worry about losing a training certificate or sea service letter 

MM-SEAS creates perfect applications so your MMC is processed quickly

US Coast Guard License

Beat USCG Licensing Bureaucracy
From Anywhere

On your phone, tablet, or computer, we walk you through the USCG Licensing steps 

Free 14 day Trial | $299 if you file with us (Includes fees)

finished USCG license mmseas checklist to create a perfect USCG MMC application