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Your Personal Digital USCG Licensing Specialist

When you decide it's time to submit your application you can do it yourself


you can a click the "Submit with MM-SEAS" button and for $299 we will deal with the USCG bureaucracy for you.

$299 Flat fee per application

(Includes federal fees)

In the Perfect Order

MM-SEAS double checks your application, organizes all of our your paperwork exactly as the USCG evaluators want it and then submits it to the REC for you

No Mistakes

MM-SEAS double checks your application looking for common mistakes that create the majority of awaiting information letters being issued from the USCG NMC

We Deal with the NMC

MM-SEAS deals with the NMC bureaucracy for you quickly so you can focus on more important things in life

USCG License Renewal Perfect Applications

$299 Flat fee per application

(Includes federal fees)

Excellent. I can't say enough good things about MMSEAS!

"I used other similar 'consultant' services before. There is no comparison the knowledge and organization here is superior to those I tried in the past, plus they are bringing things into the modern computer age."

1AE Luglio 

1st MMC 2009

I have recommended MM-SEAS to all of my maritime buddies

"I've been dreading my license renewal since I initially got it 5 years ago. MM-SEAS has relieved all the stress and confusion involved when dealing with the NMC."

Captain Sprouse

1st MMC 2016

Turned my dream of becoming a licensed captain into reality!

"They simplify the process infinitely versus trying to independently navigate the labyrinth that is the USCG pages. Thanks to MM-SEAS I am now the proud holder of a 100 ton Master and 200 ton Mate."

Captain Stone

1st MMC 2021

What our customers are saying

$299 Flat fee per application

(Includes federal fees)

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