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Merchant Mariner Credentials

Merchant Mariner Credentials
Made Simple

We’ve spent over four years digging through the all of the rules and regs that are available from the USCG and in the US Code of Federal Regulations to build MM-SEAS

Always Free  | $299 if you file with us

(Includes fees)

We Built MM-SEAS to Break Down
USCG Bureaucracy

But here’s the main resources we use to build MM-SEAS if
you want to navigate the process on your own

How Can I Get Documents That I Misplaced That I Previously Submitted to the NMC?

Just to clear something up.

Your documents are not kept at the NMC but instead sent to the National Archives after your license has been issued.


To get them back from the archives takes a little while but is pretty easy.


First: Fill out the Correspondence Request. Pro-tip: Select "Copy of Entire Record"

Second: Print it, Sign it and Scan it

Then Email it to:

It will take a couple of months but out of the blue you will get a package in the mail!

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