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Always know who on your staff is qualified while providing the benefit of MM-SEAS to your crew

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What other employers are saying

"MM-SEAS made my life easier. Not only does it make staffing easier it also mitigates my risk of sailing with improperly qualified crew. The best part is that the MM-SEAS benefit encourages my crew to stay on top of their MM-SEAS account so I’m not wasting time tracking down my crew’s information."
Captain Jon Kabak, CEO OHPRI, September 2021

Life is too short to waste time with USCG License spreadsheets

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MM-SEAS empowers your employees to enter their own USCG licensing information so you don't have to waste time tracking down your crew.

Credential expiration tracking dashboard.

MM-SEAS provides crew readiness instantly, so you can mitigate your risk and easily staff your vessels with properly qualified crew.

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Instantly see your crew’s qualifications, including their MMC endorsements and training history, so you can support your crew’s professional development.

One annual price to keep your fleet running with credentialed crew

1 - 50 Users
$2,500 Annual
51 - 200 Users
$10,000 Annual
200 - 500 Users
$25,000 Annual
+500 Users
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Each tier includes an employer dashboard with personalized set up, 100 hours of one-on-one MM-SEAS for Employers training, and a direct line to a support team member.
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How would this benefit our company?

MM-SEAS is designed to save office staff time by shifting the paperwork burden associated with an MMC to the mariner, reduce risk for the company by easily tracking your credentialed crew, and make your company more attractive to mariners by providing professional development guidance from mariners who deeply understand the USCG licensing process.

What are the best tiers for our needs, do all tiers come with the same benefits?

We have found that professional mariners benefit the most from having a live person to ask questions about professional development of their licenses as well as paperwork problems they run into. Because of this we only offer MM-SEAS PRO as part of our employer packages which includes unlimited access to our USCG licensing experts.

Will we be billed monthly or annually and do you accept credit cards as payment?

We bill annually and accept credit cards. Our current Employer pricing is $2,500 a year for up to 50 mariners, $10,000 a year for up to 200 mariners, and $25,000 a year for up to 500 mariners. This includes an employer dashboard with personalized set up, 100 hours of one-on-one MM-SEAS for Employers training a year, and a direct line to a support team member.

Will our employees send their own documents to upload or does our office staff do that?

Employees are incentivized to use MM-SEAS as it helps them maintain their licenses and progress in their careers by simply entering in their credential information, training certificates, and other documents under a user profile. This also alleviates the manual paper work burden on the employer and allows them to track their credentialed crew, identify when training is expiring, and have a full view of employees available to crew their vessels.

What happens when a mariner is no longer with us? Will you archive their files, and will we regain access if the mariner decides to come back?

When an employee leaves your company you can remove them from your dashboard view. They will still have access to the MM-SEAS PRO tier that you paid for them until the end of that billing cycle. When the billing cycle ends the mariner is automatically downgraded to MM-SEAS Free.

How do you tackle delays with the USCG?

We work with mariners to create perfect USCG license applications. If something does come up we have an internal alert system that lets us see when delays are occurring and we work directly with the USCG as a Mariner’s authorized 3rd party to resolve the issue as fast as possible.

Will we have a dedicated account manager?


Let MM-SEAS make life better for you and the mariner's you work with

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