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What other schools are saying

“I recommend to mariners every day. I even have the web address written on the whiteboard in the front of the classroom! I love that I can spend more time teaching and less time helping mariners with license issues that I do not charge for.”

Dennis D., Columbia Pacific Maritime

MM-SEAS interactive USCG licensing checklists make your life easier by answering your current and previous students’ licensing questions 

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MM-SEAS stores your students’ documents so you can stop getting the same phone calls asking to reprint old training certificates

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MM-SEAS calculates sea service for your students so you can enroll them in the right classes saving you time and eliminating frustrations with students in the wrong classes

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uscg schools
uscg schools

USCG Approved Training Schools

MM-SEAS answers your students questions and safely stores their completed certificates 

Support Your Students Easily

With all Their USCG License Questions

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