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USCG Licenses Made Easy– Step 5 Hold a Valid TWIC

You’ve done all of the hard work! Jumped through all of the hoops and have been working on vessels for the last few years. You look down and realize that it’s time to renew your Captain’s License, Now what?

MM-SEAS makes the complicated licensing process for Captains, Deckhands, Mates and Engineers simple with an easy to use software that does everything for you so you can get time back and stop worrying about your license.

If you are using MM-SEAS all of your documents should already be in the system, you’ve been noticing for a while the built in reminders telling you that your TWIC is close to expiring and decide it’s time to renew it.

You're in luck because renewing your TWIC is three easy steps!

Here’s a video that goes through the three steps to renew your Transportation Worker Identification Card (TWIC) as well as how to easily add an image to MM-SEAS that you will need for renewing your USCG License.

Click here to get to the TSA TWIC link that you need to use for obtaining your first TWIC or renewing your TWIC

Step 1: Fill out the online application on the TWIC for Industry website.

Step 2: Schedule an appointment on the TWIC for Industry website.

Step 3: Make sure you bring the right documents to your appointment!

This is the only part that gets a little tricky. Make sure you use the Universal Enroll Documents Tool to use to verify which identification documentation you need to bring with you to your appointment!

Then make sure you physically bring the documents with you to your appointment. You ABSOLUTELY NEED THEM!!!!!!

That’s it. Once you’ve done all three steps you are all set. If you are planning on submitting your USCG License application in the near future I would recommend uploading the proof of appointment when you get it to MM-SEAS. Make sure to upload your new TWIC when you get it in the mail.

P.S. Two Pro Tips

  1. The picture that they take for your TWIC will also be on your License. Make sure to look good as that picture is staying with you for FIVE years!!!

  2. The TWIC’s have been getting mailed out really fast. I’ve heard of folks getting them within a week of their appointment!

We built MM-SEAS to make this entire process super simple by organizing the paperwork and supporting documents underpinning Merchant Mariner credentials, ratings and licenses.

Need to renew, upgrade or get your first USCG license?
We're here to help.

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