What does it mean to put my Coast Guard license into continuity?

Learn what putting your USCG license into continuity means, how to apply, and its impact on your maritime career.

3 mins read・Jun 06, 2022
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Mariners who want to pause their national endorsements due to not being able to meet the requirements of renewal such as medical, training or paperwork issues, may apply for a Document of Continuity issued by the Coast Guard.

To put your credentials into continuity, you'll need to submit an application and the reason you're applying. Applications for a Document of Continuity must include the following:

  1. The endorsements that will be placed into continuity.
  2. An application including a signed statement from the applicant attesting to an awareness of the limited purpose of the Document of Continuity, his or her inability to serve, and the requirements to obtain an MMC.

If you want to do this, you'll need to apply before or during the 12-month grace period, after your credentials expire. If approved, the Document of Continuity doesn't mean your credentials are valid– after the expiration date, they're still invalid and need to be renewed.

The purpose of the DoC is to extend the grace period, so you can renew your MMC rather than get it reinstated.

Does my Continuity expire?

Documents of Continuity do not expire and are issued solely to maintain an individual's eligibility for renewal.

Do my STCW endorsements enter Continuity?

No. Continuity is only for national endorsements (per 46 CFR10.227(g)(4)). The STCW endorsements associated with the national endorsements that were placed in continuity are no longer valid.

When can I bring my MMC out of continuity?

You can bring your MMC out of continuity at any time. You will need to satisfy the requirements for renewal and submit your renewal application (CG-719B form) to the USCG.

In many cases, getting your MMC renewed requires a certain number of recent sea service days. If you leave your MMC in continuity for a while and don't have the required sea days, you may need additional training or tests to meet the renewal requirements.

When you renew and bring your endorsements out of Continuity, the DoC becomes void.

Can I work under a Document of Continuity?

No. The DoC doesn't change the expiration date of the MMC. A mariner cannot sail under the authority of this document. They can return to sailing after renewing their credentials.

How do I put my credentials into Continuity?

You can either submit a CG-719B form and check the Document of Continuity box in Section II, or submit a Continuity Renewal Statement along with your application.

MM-SEAS software and team will walk you through the process of putting your credentials into Continuity. We will also help you put your MMC into Continuity when you're 6 months into your grace period.

Note: There is no fee for a Document of Continuity.

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