Backlog for Processing Medical Certificate Applications

Why you need to submit your USCG Medical Certificate Application as soon as possible - it is taking up to 90 days for the USCG to process.

2 mins read・Jun 28, 2024
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The USCG just issued a notice telling mariners there is a backlog for processing medical certificate applications. 

The National Maritime Center recommends you submit your application 90 days in advance of your current medical certificate’s expiration. If you are applying for your first license, you will want to get your medical certificate application in as soon as possible because your license is not valid until you also have a valid medical certificate. 

The processing times are currently close to 30 days for COMPLETE applications but may be longer for incomplete applications.

What does this mean for you?

If you are getting ready to apply for or renew your license / Merchant Mariner Credential, you will want to get your physical examination form (CG-719K) submitted to the USCG as soon as possible. 

How to submit your CG-719K (physical exam form):

The National Maritime Center evaluates the CG-719K (physical exam form) separately from the rest of the license / MMC application, so you can send it in as soon as you have it completed!

Directions for submitting this form are located right inside your account. The software will create an email to the USCG for you so that you can send your physical examination form directly to the USCG medical evaluation team. 

MMC Original Checklist

How do I know I did it correctly?

Your application MUST be sent as one PDF file that contains all 10 pages of the CG-719K form. If you have any questions about creating a single PDF file, please contact our team by responding to this email. 

How do I know the USCG received my email?

The USCG’s email system will send you an automated email almost immediately after you send your CG-719K form. If you don’t get an automated response, your email may not have gone through. Let us know if you run into any issues!

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