Did the USCG receive my CG-719K Medical Form?

Wondering if the US Coast Guard received your CG-719K medical form yet? This post discusses how long the process is taking.

2 mins read・Mar 19, 2024
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We hear you! It’s been a difficult few weeks for mariners who are submitting their CG-719K applications for a Medical Certificate original or renewal. 

Why is it so challenging? Since at least early February, the USCG’s email system has not been sending mariners an email receipt to confirm that their application for a Medical Certificate has been received. Many of us seasoned mariners are used to getting an automated response within a day or two, and new mariners have heard this to be typical as well. We are all left wringing our hands and wondering if we sent our email and attachment properly.

Here at MM-SEAS, we have been answering a lot of questions about the response time for the Medical Certificate application. We reached out to the USCG National Maritime Center to dig into this issue and learned that the usual automated email receipt that gets sent is not running. This means there is no notification going out to mariners right away like usual.

The USCG told us to expect an automated email within 18 business days (business days do not include weekends and public holidays) confirming receipt of your medical certificate application. If you don’t receive confirmation within that time frame, the USCG recommends that you resend your medical application. Here is a blog post we wrote that describes exactly how to send your CG-719K medical application

Just like you, we are working mariners and my STCW Medical Certificate is expiring so I sent my CG-719K form in by email on February 14th, 2024.

I didn’t hear back from the USCG for over a month. 22 business days later, on March 14th, I received an automated email from the USCG National Maritime Center letting me know my application was received.

If you have waited 18 business days and still have not heard back from the USCG, go ahead and resend your CG-719K Medical Certificate application by email to Resending your application after 18 days will not cause further delays, as this is the recommended action that the USCG gave us when we asked. 

Have you had a different experience with your CG-719K Medical Certificate application recently? Reach out and let us know!

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