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If I get my 100 ton Master Inland do l lose my OUPV Near Coastal due to just Inland time recently?

No. The great part about USCG Licenses is that you don't lose them as you upgrade and renew.

Why was my Mate endorsement removed when I got my Master endorsement?

Only if your new license was higher in the scheme for the same route and capacity would it be removed from your MMC as it becomes redundant.

A common one is when someone upgrades from 200 GRT Near Coastal Mate to 200 GRT Near Coastal Master. Because Master is higher than Mate but everything else is the same there is no reason for the Mate to be written on your license as a Master can legally serve as a Mate when they are qualified for that tonnage and route but the opposite is not true as a Mate can not serve as a Master. Long confusing way of saying. You will be good to go and don't need to worry about ever losing a license due to professional development.

We hope this made your life a little easier and if you have other questions the MM-SEAS team is always here to help!

We do prefer to answer questions live with screen sharing to make both of our lives easier.

We hold free live virtual office hours Monday and Wednesday from 5:00 - 5:30 pm PT inside of under License Guidance and then Daily Office Hours.

Pro MM-SEAS members get access to our daily live office hours Monday thru Friday from 5:00 - 5:30 pm PT. You also get access to unlimited live 1 on 1 calls with one of our USCG Licensing Specialists. Pro MM-SEAS members can access these features inside of under License Guidance.

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