On the CG719K what is 3rd party consent?

Confused about 3rd party consent on CG719K? Learn when to use it to help your doctor talk to the USCG doctors.

1 mins read・Jun 10, 2022
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A Third Party is an individual or a group that you authorize for the purpose of acting on your behalf. Authorization allows for release of your information to the Third Party. MMSEAS does not handle any of the medical information for credentialing.

Do I need a 3rd Party?

When asked on CG-719KE Page 5 Section VII b. and c. "Consent for CG to Release to 3rd Party" and "Consent For Third Party to Act", it is not necessary to enter 3rd party information. Only enter this information if you want somebody else to have access to your information and be able to act on your behalf.

This is the same option for CG-719K Page 10 Section XI b. and c.

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