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  • Nate Gilman

USCG Captains License Drug Test for Renewal

Updated: Oct 21

For all renewal applications, you’ll need evidence of having passed a chemical test for dangerous drugs. You may also use a letter from a marine employer attesting to participation in a random drug testing program, or a letter attesting to pre-employment drug testing from your employer instead of a drug test. There are a few exceptions to this requirement including increasing in scope, asking for a duplicate, or applying for an STCW only endorsement. No matter what type of evidence you use, it must be dated within 185 of your application being submitted to the Regional Exam Center (REC).

There are three options to meet this requirement. You only need to fulfill one of the options.

Option One: Provide the results of a DOT 5 Panel testing for Marijuana, Cocaine, Opiates, Phencyclidine, and Amphetamines. Make your life easier by bringing the CG-719P Periodic Drug Testing Form ( with you to the clinic with a certified Medical Review Officer (MRO).

The form needs to be signed by the MRO and yourself. An MRO is any licensed medical doctor (including doctors of osteopathy (D.O.), a licensed physician assistant, or a licensed nurse practitioner that is approved as an active Medical Review Officer (MRO) through AAMRO or MROCC.

Option Two: Provide a letter on marine employer stationary or on command letterhead attesting to participation in random drug testing program. You must include the exact text from the Overview of Drug Test Requirements Option Two on the USCG website ( in your letter. Drug testing letters from a Union will not be accepted by the NMC.

Option Three: Provide a letter on marine employer stationary attesting to pre-employment drug testing. You must include the exact text from the Overview of Drug Test Requirements Option Three on the USCG website ( in your letter.

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