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As a person signing off on a CG-719S for my crew, what should I expect from the USCG NMC?

Typically nothing. The USCG does randomly select a few USCG license applications to take a deeper look into fairly often but typically when you sign a CG-719S for your crew you do not need to do anything else.

In the verification section it says Owner, Operator or Master's signature with title. What would an office worker put there as their title?

The office worker should put their title. They are signing on behalf of the company to certify that the individual has served on the vessel as stated on the CG-719S form.

What should an office worker put in the boxes below the signature?

The office worker should put their name. For the street address and other contact information, the office worker should use the company's information (address, phone number, etc.).

When would the USCG contact me when I sign a CG-719S for my crew?

The USCG will typically not contact you regarding a CG-719S Small Vessel Sea Service form you signed for a member of your crew unless there is an issue. If they find an issue they will typically reach out to the mariner who submitted the application first.

Do they need to keep an eye out for a follow up letter or anything from the USCG regarding the CG-719S I signed?

No, if there is an issue with the form you signed the USCG will typically reach out to the mariner who submitted the application first. If they do reach out to you it will be via phone.

We hope this made your life a little easier and if you have other questions the MM-SEAS team is always here to help!

We do prefer to answer questions live with screen sharing to make both of our lives easier.

We hold free live virtual office hours Monday and Wednesday from 5:00 - 5:30 pm PT inside of under License Guidance and then Daily Office Hours.

Pro MM-SEAS members get access to our daily live office hours Monday thru Friday from 5:00 - 5:30 pm PT. You also get access to unlimited live 1 on 1 calls with one of our USCG Licensing Specialists. Pro MM-SEAS members can access these features inside of under License Guidance.

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