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Do I need medical CG-719K or CG-719K/E to renew my USCG Master 50GRT License?

You need to use the full 10 page CG-719K for renewal of your USCG Master 50GRT License.

Getting your USCG medical certificate is easy.

  • Print off a CG-719K form from the USCG NMC Medical website.

  • Schedule your medical exam with a physician, physician assistant, or nurse practitioner who is licensed in the US or US Territory.

  • Bring the printed form CG-719K with you to your medical exam appointment.

  • Have your medical provider complete all 10 pages and sign the form.

  • After your exam, email the completed CG-719K form directly to as a pdf file.

Make sure to include your full name in the subject line or your email to medical. I usually use this format: Last, First, MMC Reference Number. Mine would be: Gilman, Nate, 347478

Click here to print off a CG-719K Form from the Coast Guard Medical website

What common errors should I avoid on my USCG Medical form CG-719K?

The USCG National Maritime Center publishes the most common mistakes they see each year.

We will break down the common mistakes page by page on the CG-719K

Page 3 on the CG-719K Common Mistakes

  • Response not provided for Food Handler Certification (Section II, Page 3).

Page 4 on the CG-719K Common Mistakes

  • YES or NO response not provided for each condition listed (Section III (a), Page 4).

Page 5 on the CG-719K Common Mistakes

  • Incomplete details (date of onset/condition/treatment/status/limitations) of conditions identified on Page 4 (Section III (b), Page 5).

  • Medications/Conditions are not explained or commented on Page 5.

Page 6 on the CG-719K Common Mistakes

  • No response or incomplete response to medication section (Section IV, Page 6).

  • Missing height, weight, pulse rate, and/or blood pressure (Section V, Page 6).

  • NORMAL or ABNORMAL response not provided for each system/organ identified (Section V, Page 6).

Page 7 on the CG-719K Common Mistakes

  • Required tests are incompletely documented on Page 7.

  • Missing uncorrected vision (Section VI (a), Page 7).

  • Uncorrected vision tests with corrective lenses (Section VI (a), Page 7).

  • Missing field of vision (Section VI (a), Page 7).

  • Inappropriate color vision testing method, number of errors omitted, or determination not indicated (Section VI (b), Page 7). NOTE: If color vision testing failed, to avoid processing delay, put handwritten note in this section that indicates the applicant’s ability to distinguish red, green, blue, and yellow; and by which method.

  • Hearing not marked as normal, abnormal, or hearing aid required (Section VII, Page 7).

Page 8 on the CG-719K Common Mistakes

  • Missing Physical Ability Results (Section VIII, Page 8).

Page 9 on the CG-719K Common Mistakes

  • Proof of identity not checked (Section IX (a), Page 9).

  • Certification recommendations (Recommended, Not Recommended, or Needs Further Review) not checked (Section IX (b), Page 9).

  • Significant risk of sudden incapacitation (Yes, No, or Needs Further Review) not checked (Section IX (c), Page 9).

  • If entry-level – Medical condition aggravated by service at sea (Yes, No, or Needs Further Review) for entry level rating not checked (Section IX (c), Page 9).

  • Provider failed to sign/date the form and/or provide license number (Section IX (e), Page 9).

  • Missing signature of Applicant (Section X, Page 9).

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