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Who can administer merchant mariner oath?

Updated: Mar 26, 2022

I know it sounds wild but you need to say the Merchant Mariner Oath in front of a notary and have them verify you said it.

Your oath may be administered by any Coast Guard-designated individual or any person legally permitted to administer oaths (This means any notary can help you out!) in the jurisdiction where the person taking the oath resides.

Make sure the notary witnesses you reciting your oath and then signs and stamps your oath form.

The oath form provided by the USCG says sample on it. But, it works great and you can use it as your oath form (

You can also have the notary sign the bottom portion of Part 5. Signature in Section IV: Mariner’s Consent/Certification of the Application For Merchant Mariner Credential Form (CG-719B). Make sure the notary witnesses you reciting your oath and then signs and stamps after their signature on the form.

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